About Performa Sports

Performa Sports came to life as the solution to the frustrations and time challenges faced by a young performance analyst, who knew there had to be a faster and easier way to process performance analytics that could help influence the outcome of a game and improve performance.

Pioneered by this analyst Danny Turley, Performa Sports evolved the role, speed and function of mobile technology as a game-changer in sports performance analysis. By working closely with elite and grassroots coaches, analysts and players we were able to harness the power of the latest mobile technology, it’s tactile features and fast processing with an intuitive user-interface to deliver real-time stats and other advanced analytical tools.

As a team we are driven by challenges and value relationships. We are passionate about sport and are committed to adding value to those we serve with the highest standards of service and products. We believe in opportunity and accessibility for all levels to engage with performance analysis and support the importance of a holistic approach to athlete and coach engagement in improving performance.

We understand the power of numbers and believe in the potential of people.

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