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Coaching with Performance Analysis Modules, Apr - Jun 2017

Posted on Friday, 24th March, 2017

Written by Joe Turley

Developed by Ulster University and Performa Sports, this short course is designed to help coaches understand the core principles of analysis, learn how to shape key performance indicators for sport and be able to effectively and efficently leverage performance analysis as a teaching aid in the coaching process to improve performance learning.

Who is this Module for?

  • Coaches, Managers, Coach-Analysts and those interested in the area of performance improvement through analysis
  • Performance Analysts who are interested in learning more about the transitition of analysis to coaching and performance communication

What will I gain?

  • 21-days free trial of Performa Sports iPad application
  • £20 off the Level 4 CPPD course in applied performance analysis
  • Opportunity to benefit from Higher Education
  • Ulster University certification
  • Excellent understanding of Performa Sports performance analysis software
  • The knowledge to apply analysis and performance communication in coaching

Course dates and venues

"One of the most enjoyable courses I have ever attended and a must for anyone who is looking to go deeper into the performances of teams or individuals they are coaching.Zoran TeodorovicWest Cork - Emerging Talent Programme

"Absolutely brilliant course" - Derek Byrne, St. Brigids GAC

“I never doubted the importance of performance analysis but the course has made me look at myself and on how by using it I can improve as a coach” - Scott Paterson, Edinburgh Football Coach

“A great insight into an essential part of the modern game” - Scott Byers, Ballinamallard United Football Club

Course Fee

£50 per person

Click here to book your place

For further information please contact Joe Turley:

mobile: +44 (0)771 943 6178


Next Step: Level 4 CPPD Course in Applied Performance Analysis

Course attendees who complete the foundation coaching module have the option of moving onto our Level 4 CPPD course with Ulster University which goes into more depth in technical, tactical, video analysis and performance communication. More

Sports Performance Analysis Courses, Apr - Jun 2017

Posted on Friday, 24th February, 2017

Written by Joe Turley

Level 4 CPPD Course in Applied Performance Analysis

An informative 'hands-on' performance analysis course developed by Ulster University in partnership with Performa Sports, designed to help coaches and analysts to effectively leverage sports analysis for team performance improvement and player development (including the essential small margins).

Performance Analysis Training Course

Who is this Course for?

  • Anyone with an interest in sports and performance improvement through analysis

  • Anyone who wishes to ‘skill up’ and learn about the next generation in performance analysis technology from Performa Sports

  • Sports people (players) interested in self-analysis and personal performance improvement

What will I gain?

  • 60-days free access to Performa Sports iPad Application

  • Course recognised at level 4 on the National Qualifications and Credit Framework

  • Opportunity to benefit from Higher Education

  • Attain 5 credits towards Certificate for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD)

  • Ulster University certification

  • Excellent understanding of Performa Sports performance analysis software

  • Knowledge to apply efficient analysis workflows and effective performance communication (linking analysis to performance teaching)

What is CPPD?

The Certificate for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) is a framework within Ulster University with a range of short courses of study which can be undertaken at any stage in life, regardless of prior qualifications. You can study small courses which can be built up to achieve an award (60 credits in total) from the University.

For further information

Please contact Joe Turley at Performa Sports for further details and to confirm your place:

mobile:  +44 (0)771 943 6178
(Please note that group and student rates are available on request)

Next course dates and venues

(*3 Online Training Places are available on the course allowing remote learners to interact with the group and tutors)

> Reserve your place

CPPD Performance Analysis Course

“...brilliantly run, a fantastic learning environment combined with interesting content appropriate for performance analysis.” - Gary Boyd, Talent ID Scout, Fulham Football Club and UEFA ‘A’ Licence Coach

"...exceeded my expectations, the theory and real life case studies were presented by presenters, who were at the top of their field. I learned a great deal from the course, both an enjoyable and informative module in enhancing the role of anyone interested in performance analysis..."Niall Collins, Performance Analyst Cork Camogie

“A brilliant course with a good blend of theory and practical elements taught by experts in the field of Performance Analysis.” - Patrick McCarron, Performance Analyst Monaghan GAA

“Excellent course with good interaction among the tutors and participants.” - Gerard Dunne, Football Association of Ireland, Performance Analyst

“10 out of 10 performance by Performa Sports, I developed key learnings of all aspects of performance analysis using their user-friendly software...” - Karl Lacey, Donegal senior inter-county footballer



First Step: an introduction to coaching with performance analysis

Developed in partnership with Ulster University this foundational half-day training module is designed to help coaches learn how to harness the power of performance analysis to enhance the coaching process and improve performance communication. This module is not a pre-requisite to complete the Level 4 CPPD course but provides a solid foundation to build upon. More

A day in the life of a Football Performance Analyst

Posted on Sunday, 4th December, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

NI v Poland U16s Nov 2016 - performance analysis

In late November I was fortunate to be part of the backroom staff of the Northern Ireland U16’s for their two schoolboy internationals against Poland as their Performance Analyst. The opportunity to represent a National football team was a great experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

One thing I’ve realised in my time working in sport as an analyst is that no time can be wasted and that every opportunity that you find yourself with time to spare, there is the opportunity to improve or plan for the upcoming games or challenges. Being able to work on the go (in this case on a plane) is an added bonus as there’s only so many times you can read through the on board snack menu.

Performance Analysis on the plan using Performa Sports iPad app

I also took this opportunity to get to know the rest of the backroom staff as its essential that the analysis is aligned with the coaching process and development needs of the players. Having previously travelled with this group of players before to Rotterdam and worked with manager Darren Murphy aka “Murph” I had an idea of what was involved and expected so I knew I was going to enjoy the experience more rather than feel nervous about the unknown.

Below is a breakdown of a typical two-day plan for the team schedule:

Tour schedule NI v Poland U16s

The first of the two games, unfortunately didn’t provide the result that we wanted. In front of a sell-out crowd of 3,000 people the team went down 4-1 to a very quick Poland team. The only difference on the day was defensive mistakes that left a frustrated mood in the camp as the match was competitive throughout. This left me with plenty of work to do but I had the luxury of the game being played at 12 in the afternoon which gave me plenty of time to tag and create playlists on each player for the following day.

So after an afternoon of getting a tour around the underground dungeons in the local town of Jaroslaw, we returned to the hotel to start one on one sessions with the players. These one on one sessions where led by the management team and kept positive throughout. The players seemed to love seeing themselves whether it was clips showing mistakes or any positives from the match. Once these sessions were finished, a short team session was held to show team shape offensively and defensively and one of the questions asked was whether the players thought the video analysis was going to be all negative to which almost every hand went up. It was good to see the players look happy after the session and this was backed up with players bombarding my room door looking to see more of their clips. Personally it was really encouraging to see such enthusiasm from the players to see more and add to their own learning.

The second game brought a surprising challenge for myself as a bumper crowd of almost 6,000 people were in the stadium, which meant I had almost no room to move the camera from side to side.

NI v Poland pre-match view of camera set up

On a more positive note, a narrow 1-0 loss was an improvement defensively compared to the previous game and could have had a different result on another day with a lot of pressure late on in the game only without the reward it deserved. Unsurprisingly the players were immediately looking for their video clips and performance stats on the bus on the way home. As this game marked the end of the trip there was no formal analysis session while in Poland. However the players were eager to see their analysis, so during the 3-hour flight home to Belfast a number of them got to review their clips on my iPad, based on a first come, first served as the demand was high!

Having reflected on albeit a short journey I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this group and it will be a learning experience that I’ll never forget. It’s with passionate and inquisitive coaches like Darren Murphy and Steven Frail that I aspire to work with and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. It was very much a team effort between the players and management that included Stephen Lynch (Kitman), Ryan Keating (S&C) and Linda Fettus (Physio) with a focus on player development and learning.

By Darren Devine, Performance Analyst

2016 Ulster SFC All Star Team selected from player analysis

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

2016 Ulster GAA All Star Team selected from player analysis

How the All Star team was selected

The All-Star team was selected using a Performa Sports Rating (PSR) system based on several objective Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These KPI’s were pre-defined before the championship began and given a positive or negative weighting (e.g. a possession +1 or possession lost -1) so that all games were analysed consistenty. Every game from the 2016 Ulster Senior Championship was then analysed in order for each player who played to score in the Performa Sports Rating system. 

There are a number of positive KPI’s that a player can do to get a Performa Sports Rating. These include: number of possessions a player had, turnovers won, winning the ball from a kickout, scoring a point or goal, assisting a score and crossing the oppositions 45 with the ball or retaining a kick pass which crosses the 45. Players can also score negatively if they lose possession of the ball, get a booking from the referee or concede a free inside their own 45. These scores added together form a player's total Performa Sports Rating for that game.

Michael Murphy achieves highest PSR in a game 

Michael Murphy highest PSR in Ulster SFC v Fermanagh 2016

The highest score for an individual player during the championship was from Donegal's Michael Murphy in the Quarter Final against Fermanagh with a score of 51. In this game Murphy had a high number possessions totalling 30 although, this was backed up with 2 turnovers won, 3 kickouts won, 5 assists and 7 successful attacks. Having avoided any negative scoring KPI’s in this game Murphy narrowly beat his team mate Odhran McNiallais by 1 point who scored negatively on a couple of occasions by conceding 2 frees inside his own 45 and losing possession of the ball once. 

Ulster Senior Football Championship - game analysis

The most consistent performers - Harte, Donnelly and Mackey

Players who achieved the highest PSR per game were awarded an MVP. During the Ulster campaign Tyrone's Peter Harte and Mattie Donnelly, along with Cavan's Cian Mackey each secured 2 MVPs. Their consistency of scoring high meant that there was a place for all of them in the All-Star selection.

The All-Star team was selected by tallying each player’s PSR from every match they played during the campaign which generates a total PSR score. The reason for using a player's combined PSR instead of one individual high score is because it would be an unfair selection process. For example, Darren Hughes’ score of 50 in the Quarter Final against Down was higher than any of Sean Cavanagh’s individual scores during the campaign although, progressing further in the competition should be rewarded rather than an individual performance therefore, Cavanagh had 1 extra game than Hughes to outscore his competitor on the total PSR. Each position was carried out the same in order to determine the All-Star team for example, Peter Harte played four games in Ulster this year gathering scores of 43, 37, 30 and 31 respectively. These added together gave us Peter Harte’s total PSR of 141. This process is repeated until the 15 highest scorers for each position respectively have been filled.

Top 3 Players per position 

Top 3 players per position 2016 Ulster SFC

Contact us about GAA Performance Analysis 

Australian Rules Football Performance Analysis

Posted on Tuesday, 1st November, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

The Performa Sports iPad app and integrated cloud analytics platform offers a highly flexible, efficient and easy-to-use performance analysis solution. The system is designed to link with coaching and reflective learning approaches aiding athlete learning and talent development through meaningful performance insights.

FREE Trial Performa Sports iPad app for Aussie Rules Football Analysis

Set up your KPIs

Customise the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to measure and evaluate in live game or post-game analysis. Map your KPIs to your style of play and strategic objectives. Tailor this for training, scouting, talent ID and opposition analysis.

Team and player profiling

Aussie Rules Football tactical line up using Performa Sports iPad app

Create, edit and personalise your squad list by assigning squad numbers and uploading a player photo. Start each game by setting up your starting team, subs and formation. Then choose to profile the opposition. See player and team performance stats build over time.

Live-game tagging / video analysis 

Live game tagging AFL using Performa Sports iPad app

Customise event templates to suit your terminology and tactical focus, or get started with our library of tagging events. Live tag events as they happen for both teams and/or tag new events on top of the video.

Sync live game data with video to instantly create your video analysis, easily tag the game afterwards by tapping directly on the video to record events. Over-tag live game data with more coaching details or start afresh.

Stats in real-time

Aussie Rules Football live game stats using Performa Sports iPad app

Based on your customised key performance indicators (KPIs) you can track the performance metrics of the game as it happens with statistical graphs instantly generated and easy data filtering to visualise the key stats that matter.

In-depth game analysis

Gain the insights that matter by quickly identifying key performance trends and game patterns that can help inform tactical decisions on the line, that could be the difference between winning and losing.

Video analysis / tactical analysis

Australian Rules Football video analysis using Performa Sports iPad app

Because seeing is believing and timing is everything! Import game videos and use unlimited KPIs to tag your post-game analysis. The simple touchscreen commands of the Performa Sports iPad app allow you to edit and notate your video analysis instantly.

  • Multi camera views for x2 and x4 angles 
  • Slow-motion and fast forward video playback controls
  • Drawing tools to annotate tactics and coaching points on the video
  • Easily profile players and see their performance data accumulate over time and quickly refer to video playlists synced with performance

multi video camera angles for analysis using Performa Sports

Coaching Playlists

AFL coaching playlists using Performa Sports iPad app

No more pause, rewind and fast forward and then rewind again! Sync your real-time statistical analysis with the game video to instantly create post-game video analysis and individual event playlists saving you countless hours. For post-game analysis you can add more in-depth KPIs that immediately creates additional easy filter playlists for speed of reference and playback. Edit the pre and post video roll to create sequential video clips or watch the build up of play and player movements.

Extend coaching contact time and remote learning

• Gain an insight into how players perceive their own performance and actions
• Opposition analysis and sharing of specific game preparations.
• Maintain a complete overview of individual player performances, use selective filtering to view team and player performance data by KPIs and time periods.

Performance Communication

Take your real game analysis to the training ground with Performa Sports’ touchscreen to touchline approach. Powerful video communication matched to assigned drills and the rationale behind training significantly improves player learning and recall.

Easy-Share Cloud

Aussie Rules Football video analysis and coaching online with Performa Sports

The Performa Sports cloud analytics platform integrates seamlessly with the iPad application allowing you to sync game data to your secure Cloud based account. Easily share game analysis, performance indicators and information with colleagues and players.

The system supports focused visual communication that doesn’t overload but lets players see their true performance. Personalised comments, video clips and training notes help to empower and encourage player self-analysis and team development.

> See Plans & Pricing

FREE Trial Performa Sports iPad app for Aussie Rules Football Analysis

Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Football 7s All Star Team 2016

Posted on Monday, 26th September, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

All Ireland Football 7s All Star Team 2016

St. Galls claim a record winning 7th Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Football 7s Title

Posted on Tuesday, 20th September, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

St. Galls win 2016 All Ireland Football 7s Title

St. Galls proved their pedigree yet again as the football 7s specialists, claiming a record 7th All Ireland Title. Trailing by 5 points in the latter stages of the second half, the Antrim side used all their experience to crawl back the deficit including an excellent team goal finished by Kevin Niblock in the last attack to deny hosts Kilmacud Crokes their second successive title. Fittingly it was the highly experienced and influential Kieran McGourty who struck home the winning spot kick for St. Galls to win 3-1.

The Ulster men now become the most successful club in the prestigious All Ireland Football 7s forty-four year history, sponsored this year by Volkswagen. The knockout stages proved to be very competitive and tactical with three games ending all level, including a tense shootout between the eventual winners and a talented Leixlip team which saw the Saints win by the narrowest of margins (3-2), thanks to an excellent penalty save by Cian O’Connor.

St. Galls' final opponents also had to dig deep against a determined Thomas Davis team in a game that saw the all Dublin quarter-final end 1-12 each before Kilmacud Crokes won 3-2 on penalties. The hosts went on to get the better of Derry club Bellaghy in the semi-finals with some impressive counter-attacking to win 4-09 v 0-10. Kildare’s Carbury just fell short against St. Galls, losing by 2 points in their semi-final which set up a final clash between the title holders and title specialists.

During the knockout stages of the tournament Performa Sports analysed key game events and individual player performances by live tagging on its iPad app. The analysis and coaching iPad app also fed live data to its integrated cloud analytics platform. This was then quickly linked with match videos to easily create video analysis and player performance profiles.

Tactical analysis on Performa Sports iPad app

(Above: tactical analysis using the drawing tools and speed controls on the Performa Sports iPad help to highlight Kieran McGourty's 'point guard' style role as a basketball term where he dictates the play and launches the attack. Kieran directly assisted 4 of St. Galls 6 points from play in the final as well as being a second assist back for every shot attempt his side made with the exception of one which was an attempt from the throw-in)

All Ireland Football 7s Final 2016 match stats

(Above: full time match stats captured live during the VW All Ireland Football 7s Final between Kilmacud Crokes v St. Galls)

Player performance profiles on Performa Sports cloud analytics

(Above: the auto-syncing of data captured in the Performa Sports iPad creates detailed interactive match analysis and accumulates player profiles)

St. Galls captain Sean Burke receives Performa Sports GAA analysis iPad app

(Pictured above: Joe Turley presents winning team captain Sean Burke with a Performa Sports GAA Analysis and Coaching software licence as an extra prize at the Kilmacud Crokes VW All Ireland Football 7s. Below, watch St. Galls' equalising goal in their last attack to level the final at full time and the following penalty shootout)


Got an iPad? Download your free trial of Performa Sports

Vote for Goal of the Finals - Kilmacud Crokes VW All Ireland Football 7s 2016

Posted on Monday, 19th September, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

Darren O'Neill Naomh Olaf winner of goal of the finals at All Ireland Football 7s 2016

Congratulations to Darren O'Neill from Dublin club Naomh Olaf, who's powerful finish to the bottom corner after a well worked team build up against Bellaghy in the Quarter Final was voted the best goal of the 2016 VW All Ireland Football 7s.

Now in its 44th year, the prestigious Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Club Football 7s sponsored by Volkswagen sees the top gaelic footballers and clubs compete at high intensity and skill. As part of the tournament analysis the following 6 contenders were shortlisted for Goal of Finals. 


Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Hurling 7s All Star Team 2016

Posted on Wednesday, 14th September, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

All Ireland Hurling 7s All Star Team 2016

Kilmacud Crokes win 2016 All Ireland Club Hurling 7s Title

Posted on Sunday, 4th September, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

Kilmacud Crokes win All Ireland Club Hurling 7s 2016

The Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Hurling 7s tournament, now in its 44th year and sponsored by Applegreen was another action packed exhibition of skill with the hurl and sliotar.

A strong contingent of Tipperary clubs contested the knockout stages including last year’s winners Borris-Ileigh who lost out to fellow Tipp club Upperchurch Drombane in the quarter-finals. The semi-final pairings saw Upperchurch Drombane defeat Limerick’s Adare to set up a final decider with hosts Kilmacud Crokes who reached their second final in three years with a 2-15 v 3-06 win over Toomevara.

In an epic final with 17 goals, it was Kilmacud Crokes who secured their second ever All Ireland Hurling 7s title. Leading by 10pts at the break the Dublin hosts withstood an incredible fight back from their Tipperary opponents to win on a final scoreline of 7-19 (40pts) v 10-07 (37pts) with Oisin O’Rourke excellent throughout scoring 5 goals for the 2016 Champions.

Performa Sports All Ireland Hurling 7s Match Analysis 2016

(Above: live game analysis of the All Ireland club Hurling 7s Final on Performa Sports iPad app)

Kilmacud Crokes Oisin O'Rourke scores 5 goals in All Ireland Hurling 7s Final

(Above: quickly filter game or player data to watch these events on the Performa Sports iPad app such as Oisin O'Rourke's 1st of 5 goals in the final)

All Ireland Hurling 7s player of the tournament Oisin O'Rourke player analysis

(Above: performance data was pushed directly to Performa Sports Cloud Analytics Platform from the iPad app to generate individual player profiles and analysis.)

(Above: watch the 17 goals from an epic All Ireland Club Hurling 7s Final)

Danny Turley and Bill O'Carroll with All Ireland Hurling 7s Title 2016

Congratulations to Kilmacud Crokes, the Applegreen All Ireland Hurling 7s Champions who also earned a Performa Sports performance analysis and coaching software license. Performa Sports Founder and Performance Analyst Danny Turley presented the GAA analysis iPad app to winning captain Bill O'Carroll.

Got an iPad? Download your free trial of Performa Sports

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