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2016 Ulster SFC All Star Team selected from player analysis

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

Written by Joe Turley

2016 Ulster GAA All Star Team selected from player analysis

How the All Star team was selected

The All-Star team was selected using a Performa Sports Rating (PSR) system based on several objective Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These KPI’s were pre-defined before the championship began and given a positive or negative weighting (e.g. a possession +1 or possession lost -1) so that all games were analysed consistenty. Every game from the 2016 Ulster Senior Championship was then analysed in order for each player who played to score in the Performa Sports Rating system. 

There are a number of positive KPI’s that a player can do to get a Performa Sports Rating. These include: number of possessions a player had, turnovers won, winning the ball from a kickout, scoring a point or goal, assisting a score and crossing the oppositions 45 with the ball or retaining a kick pass which crosses the 45. Players can also score negatively if they lose possession of the ball, get a booking from the referee or concede a free inside their own 45. These scores added together form a player's total Performa Sports Rating for that game.

Michael Murphy achieves highest PSR in a game 

Michael Murphy highest PSR in Ulster SFC v Fermanagh 2016

The highest score for an individual player during the championship was from Donegal's Michael Murphy in the Quarter Final against Fermanagh with a score of 51. In this game Murphy had a high number possessions totalling 30 although, this was backed up with 2 turnovers won, 3 kickouts won, 5 assists and 7 successful attacks. Having avoided any negative scoring KPI’s in this game Murphy narrowly beat his team mate Odhran McNiallais by 1 point who scored negatively on a couple of occasions by conceding 2 frees inside his own 45 and losing possession of the ball once. 

Ulster Senior Football Championship - game analysis

The most consistent performers - Harte, Donnelly and Mackey

Players who achieved the highest PSR per game were awarded an MVP. During the Ulster campaign Tyrone's Peter Harte and Mattie Donnelly, along with Cavan's Cian Mackey each secured 2 MVPs. Their consistency of scoring high meant that there was a place for all of them in the All-Star selection.

The All-Star team was selected by tallying each player’s PSR from every match they played during the campaign which generates a total PSR score. The reason for using a player's combined PSR instead of one individual high score is because it would be an unfair selection process. For example, Darren Hughes’ score of 50 in the Quarter Final against Down was higher than any of Sean Cavanagh’s individual scores during the campaign although, progressing further in the competition should be rewarded rather than an individual performance therefore, Cavanagh had 1 extra game than Hughes to outscore his competitor on the total PSR. Each position was carried out the same in order to determine the All-Star team for example, Peter Harte played four games in Ulster this year gathering scores of 43, 37, 30 and 31 respectively. These added together gave us Peter Harte’s total PSR of 141. This process is repeated until the 15 highest scorers for each position respectively have been filled.

Top 3 Players per position 

Top 3 players per position 2016 Ulster SFC

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