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FREE Trial Performa Sports iPad app for Rugby Analysis

Set up your KPIs

Customise the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to measure and evaluate in live game analysis. Extend the depth and quantity of your analysis through multi-analyst collaboration and unlimited KPIs in post-game analysis.

Team profiling

Create, edit and personalise your squad list by assigning squad numbers and uploading a player photo. Start each game by setting up your starting team, subs and formation. Then choose to profile the opposition. See player and team performance stats build over time.

Live-game tagging

With simple touchscreen thumb taps along the right and left handsides of the iPad interface you can track more detail easier and faster with statistical graphs instantly generated.


Ulster Ravens
% 53%
% 47%


Stats in real-time

Based on your customised key performance indicators (KPIs) you can track the performance metrics of the game as it happens with statistical graphs instantly generated and easy data fitlering to visualise the key stats that matter.

In-depth game analysis

Gain the insights that matter by quickly identifying key performance trends and game patterns that can help inform tactical decisions on the line, that could be the difference between winning and losing.

16 v 06

Ulster Ravens

Shot from play
Scoreable free
Free from play
Free conceded


Shot from play
Scoreable free
Free from play
Free conceded


Video & tactical analysis

Because seeing is believing and timing is everything! Import game videos and use unlimited KPIs to tag your post-game analysis. The simple touchscreen commands of the Performa Sports iPad App allow you to edit and notate your video analysis instantly. If you want to make a change, simply select the tagged event and jump directly to that scene. Annotate and draw coaching points on top of the video with your selected playback speed. Choose between x2 and x4 camera angles for a broader perspective.

Playlists and Video Exporting

No more pause, rewind and fast forward and then rewind again! Sync your real-time statistical analysis with the game video to instantly create post-game video analysis and individual event playlists saving you countless hours.For post-game analysis you can add more in-depth KPIs that immediately creates additional easy filter playlists for speed of reference and playback. Edit the pre and post video roll to create sequential video clips or watch the build up of play and player movements. Share and back up your video analysis via our secure Cloud platform, or simply pick the clips you want and export these as a video compilation for visual feedback and motivation.


Performance Communication

Take your real game analysis to the training ground with Performa Sports’ touchscreen to touchline approach. Powerful video communication matched to assigned drills and the rationale behind training significantly improves player learning and recall.

Easy-Share Cloud

The Performa Sports Online Analytics Platform integrates seamlessly with the iPad application allowing you to sync game data to your secure Cloud based account. Easily share game analysis, performance indicators and information with colleagues and players.

The system supports focused visual communication that doesn’t overload but lets players see their true performance. Personalised comments, video clips and training notes help to empower and encourage player self-analysis and team development.

FREE Trial Performa Sports iPad app for Rugby Analysis