Ballistic United Soccer Club

Ballistic United Soccer Club

Supporting 30 teams in Northern California, Ballistic United Soccer Club has taken an innovative approach to improving player development and learning. The club's unique video cart allows it to film multiple games and training sessions from different perspectives. Using Performa Sports iPad app the video is quickly synced with the performance data to instantly create the video analysis, both by team events and individual player activity. The performance data and video is made accessible to coaches, players and parents to improve observation, communication and learning, underpinned by a shared understanding of performance objectives.

"It has allowed the club to take the next step in player education and analysis. A phenomenal platform for our coaches, players and their parents in terms of making our soccer curriculum accessible, visual and relevant"

- Greg Rubendall, Director of Coaching at Ballistic United Soccer Club

Ballistic Utd Soccer Football Academy

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