Middlesbrough Womens Football Club

Middlesbrough Womens Football Club

2016 Premier League - Northern Division Runner’s Up Middlesbrough are aiming for the next level by integrating data and video analysis to their coaching and player development.

Using Performa Sports iPad app and integrated cloud platform, Middlesbrough have implemented an player-centric, efficient and effective coaching process. Players can access their own performance data and video online and use remote commenting with coaches to exchange performance insights and prepare for the next session or game in their own time. This easy share part of the Performa Sports system is making a valubale contribution to extending coaching contact time and supporting player self-analysis. 

“The Performa Sports iPad app is a great tool for reflection and feedback, so from an individual player development point of view it’s massive for us.”

Samantha Leigh, Reserves & U16 Team Coach, Middlesbrough Womens FC

Middlesbrough Coach Sammie Leigh giving player feedback using Performa Sports analysis

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