Coaching Behaviour Analysis

As a coach, do you know how you behave?

Coaching Analysis Intervention System

Performa Sports and Loughborough University have teamed up to create a specialist solution for coaching analysis. The research undertaken by the University in this area underpins the analysis methodology (CAIS). CAIS is a systematic observation approach focused on Coaching Behaviours.

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of Coaches have
low self-awareness
of their behaviour

Cork GAA

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

"It's an incredibly useful tool because it gives you objective data about what coaches are doing when they're practicing. It also allows you to analyse the types of practices that are being used and the associated behaviours so great for improving coaching self-awareness."
- Will Kitchen, Coach Development Manager
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coach behaviour is a controllable

Identifying Coaching Talent and Learning

We can quantify the efficiency and relevancy of time spent in practice types by aligning coaching behaviour, practice type, content and athlete development stage. This provides a baseline measure linked to your philosophy and objective data for the measurement of coaching, coach education and talent ID.

data + video = powerful reflective tool

Coaching Analysis, Reflection and Sharing

We can offer consultancy, coaching analysis services, software tools and training to support your coach education processes. Coaches and coach educators can access videos and tagged behaviours to support reflective learning. By reflecting on objective coaching behaviours, can provide coaches with a greater self-awareness and overtime an understanding of the impact their behaviour has on those they coach.

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How we behave as Coaches can promote or prevent learning!

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